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Best friend?


Myself coz I’m the bomb

"Veganism is not a sacrifice. It is a joy."


Becoming a cold hearted bitch wasn’t really what I planned to do with my life but here I am


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This is a serious question that I would love to receive your insight/opinion on because I respect you as a vegan. Do you think it's possible to be an ethical vegan and wear a sweater or something that contains a little wool? Or like, if you have products that aren't obviously vegan that you use because they're cheap/easy to acquire?


This is a question I have thought about for a long time, and in recent years have come into confidence with my answer.
If anyone has followed me for a while (2 or more years?) you may remember a story where my step dad suprised me with a vegan cake he had made for me, but I had refused it because he made it with domino brand sugar. At the time I felt very righteous about my decision and in full confidence of my veganism. However, as time passed, he never tried to make me a vegan meal again. Not a treat, or even so much as a dinner item. At the time I thought “is it SOoo hard
To google,” but later I realized just how egotistical he probably viewed me, and I understood how ungreatful I may have seemed. I love my stepdad with my entire heart, and when I think back to how my only reserve was because of SUGAR? I can hardly stand myself.
After I came into that realization I really took a step back from ‘high and mighty vegan queen’ and really tried to remind myself what was important to me.
I can save XXX amount if animals every year by not eating meat, sure. But I only have one family, and I have to protect and love them first.
Maybe some people out there may not have family, and I’m not trying to say that’s any motivation to stray from what you believe, but finally, here is my view, and answer to this question;
Will I wear leather/wool/animal goods? Yes. But it’s very conditional.
If my grandmother gives me anything. Anything at all, I will take it. Her and I have the same size foot, and 80% of my shoes, at some point were hers. I love that, and I love her, so at this point, I’m not even checking what the shoes are made of. To me, they’re a loving possession of my grandmothers, and I know that she just wants to offer me utility, and never ‘casually overlook,’ my veganism.
This mindset applies to other things as well. I believe in utility, and can understand ‘good use’. My boyfriend isn’t really vegan anymore due to the physical demands of his job, and the physical demands he puts himself through outside of work, and I’ll admit, I thought I could change that at first. I’ve read all the articles about ‘vegan boxers’ and seen the documentaries, but after I really got to know him, and became accustomed to his lifestyle, I started to really understand how much of a toll he puts on his body, and if it was ‘eggs for breakfast’ that was able to keep him running all day, then that was something I could respect. Sure, five years ago I would have scoffed at the half and half in his coffee, and sprinkled Daiya cheese on my toast with my nose in the air, but after all these years all I can do is what makes me happy. There are no vegan police, your friends will stay your friends, and your family will only make you so many birthday cakes. So, if any of this makes sense; you’re only as vegan as you want to be. I love my Grandmom, I love my boyfriend, and I hope they stay just the way they are, just as they’ve always left me to be as I was to be. If I could go back In time, I would eat that cakes a thousand times. I encourage everyone to consider a similar outlook. Because you can’t have a stick up your ass all the time.
Thank you.